Welcome to Jananiti, a distinguished thought leadership organization firmly rooted in Purpose. Originating from a boutique management consulting venture established in 1998, we have evolved into India’s most dynamic think tank, devoted to shaping policy, governance, and participatory legislation.

With over three decades of expertise and thought leadership accumulated, Jananiti stands as a beacon of innovation and impact in the realm of policy advocacy and public affairs. Our journey is marked by a seamless transition from a management consultancy to an organization that encapsulates the collective wisdom of former bureaucrats, industry veterans, and driven young professionals.

This convergence of experience lends exceptional depth to our team, enabling us to offer insights that resonate at the intersection of policy, governance, and societal transformation.

Our legacy is one of transformative change, where each step has been meticulously charted to empower stakeholders, drive progress, and redefine the future of participatory legislation.

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